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Mt Lilydale Old Collegians joined the VAFA in 1996 at Club XVIII level and it is at this level they have had the most success, a solitary premiership in Club XVIII Section 2 in 2006. Mt Lilydale or the Rams as they often go by are the eastern most club in the VAFA and as a result they have invariably struggled to have the playing numbers required to field two sides.


The club progressed to a senior club with a reserves side in 1999, and they played in the Division 4 Grand Final of 2003 to reach Division 3. This rise only lasted a season before the club was forced back to Club XVIII level which led to their first and only VAFA premiership to date.

The club would re-enter in Division 4 in 2007 and were runners up in 2010, but again only lasted a season at Division 3. Another recess to Club XVIII occurred in 2014 before the club was again playing in Division 4 for 2015 and going as far as the preliminary final in 2016.

In 2019 Mt Lilydale Old Collegians football club sought a merger with Croydon North football club which used to be in the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League 20-odd years ago.

“The veterans were looking at getting into the Eastern Football League in the veterans’ competition as standalone – this opportunity became available to join forces.”

Croydon North-MLOC would compete in the EFL’s Division 4 in 2019, effectively the fifth tier under the League’s competition restructure.

The club was nicknamed the Rams and was be led by 2018 Mount Lilydale OCFC senior coach, Mark Holly.

Holly is a life member of the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League, playing 330 games, having also coached at the Seville Football Club across senior and reserve grade.

The club is currently based at Hughes Park in Croydon North.

Keys Facts

Offical Name - Croydon North MLOC Football and Netball Club
Nickname - Kangrams

Formed - 2019

Colours - Royal Blue and Yellow

League Affiliation - EFNL

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